Our Solutions

We are working with our own trailers. Right now, Natus have 130 trailers in the fleet. ​ Our main business is from Scandinavia to:
Natus Trailers​
Today we have 130 trailers in our fleet. ​ A mix of: Standard tilt trailers, Mega trailers and temperature-controlled trailers​
Natus have 20 specialists working for you.​

Different Setups

Standard trailer, Mega trailer or temperature-controlled trailer? We have it! Projects with special equipment is possible.​

your choice

Express or economic

Are you in a hurry? Our express solutions is the fastest possible way to get from a to b. Is the price most important? Our economic solutions with a little longer transit time is something for you!​

Natus Transport AB receives your booking.​

Your booking is reviewed and if not complete, we will contact you to make sure the order is ready for planning. To minimize any delays and problems.​

Now you can relax, we are planning your order and make sure that your shipment will be loaded and unloaded as requested.​

Natus Transport AB’s own quality system is based on checking that everything worked as planned...


Bookings and communication is easily handled by E-mail. Our policy is to answer emails faster then anyone else.​

Web Bookings

With our modern web booking platform, you can ​ book direct into our system and you get access to ​ documents, invoices & all necessary information.​


We are always available by phone. We are more than happy to take your calls.​


Our system is top modern, we can connect to almost any system. ​ Let us connect to you and make your day much easier.​

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