Head office / Sales​
Natus Transport AB receives your booking.​


Planning / Management​
Part of our management together with Poland forwarding is located in Malmö.​


Where the magic happens. Planning, agreements, challenges and a lot of hard work.​


Back Office
Administration, Invoices and registrations are handled from Bitola.​

Natus Transport AB is certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ​ This ensures that our work is quality and environment secured.​
Natus is all about close relations to our clients, we want you to feel special. We are always doing our outmost to satisfy your expectations & then even take one more step. ​ ​

Natus mean happy clients, our philosophy is that if we make your workday easier, you can focus on your actual job instead of wasting your time on worrying about transports.​

Contact us to set up your logistic flow together with us. ​

We go thru your needs and make a plan together with you.​

Fast quotations and prices. We calculate every price individually to make sure you get the best possible price.​


Natus Transport AB is born!​

In august 2016 Natus is born. The ambition were to create the most reliable transport company in Scandinavia.​


First Big Step​

January 2017, Natus evolve by using our own trailers and set up a bullet proof system​


New Horizons​

Natus is looking for new horizons, two new offices open with logistic specialists​


Reliability is key​

Natus is focusing hard to improve the reliability. Starting by supporting airports with express cargo.​


Spreading the word​

Natus is now ISO 14001 and 9001 certified. ​
Sales office is established. ​


New markets​

A new market is growing, Natus employ two specialists of Poland in Malmö.​



The war in Europe push up the oil prices and the Diesel prices is extreme. In the same time new directions...